The Best Natural Leave in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner can help your hair become soft and fabulous.

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Conditioners can do wonders for your tresses. Leave-in conditioners are a bit different from the regular conditioners you may be used to, but they still get the job done. When the leave-in conditioner is natural, it’s that much better for your locks. If you’re a busy, on-the-go gal, or if you just want healthier strands, natural leave-in conditioners just may be what you’ve been missing.

The Difference

Beauty expert and owner of Brown Beauty Consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tracey Brown, says that leave-in conditioners are typically lighter in formulation. Of course, the biggest difference is that regular conditioners need to be rinsed out. Mya Passmore, part-owner of Gwen’s Blends -- a Natural Beauty Company, says that using a natural leave-in conditioner on top of wet hair helps to seal in moisture. Also, these types of conditioners don’t suffocate the hair, or sit on top of the hair shaft like regular conditioners may. The hair breathes, all while allowing the natural oils to be absorbed.

Benefits of Leave-Ins

Conditioners help save dry, brittle hair, but leave-in conditioners go over and beyond. Brown says that leave-in conditioners help detangle your locks when combing it out after shampooing. She says this means that all you textured-hair-gals won’t have any more trouble brushing through wet hair. Also, Brown says that dry and damaged hair benefit from leave-in conditioners because they provide an added boost of protection and nutrition for your tresses. All these fabulous things stay in your hair, treating it throughout the day, rather than washing away in the shower.


Many products can say they are natural, but it’s important to know what makes them natural. Passmore says that natural conditioners are made with natural oils and other natural ingredients that are derived from a natural source rather than created in a lab. She says that natural conditioners are free of toxins, carcinogens -- cancer-causing ingredients -- and parabens. Of course, this means the conditioners also don’t have any silicones, plastics, arcylics and sodium sulfate -- a cleaning agent in many shampoos and conditioners that dries out the hair. It’s always much safer to read the label and see what the conditioner is actually made from.

Drugstore Best

There’s no need to spent tons of moola for healthy locks. Brown loves drugstore favorites like Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatments. She says that this bottle of joy contains wheat extract and works well on all hair types -- from coarse to fine, natural hair. She says that it can be used as an after-shampoo treatment, as well as a daily moisturizer. Another drugstore favorite for Brown is the Fat and Rich Botanicals natural leave-in conditioner. She says this baby even doubles as a deep conditioner and a daily moisturizer. It includes oils and extracts like meadowfoam seed oil, peach kernel oil, cupuacu butter, aloe vera leaf, bamboo and other fabulous natural ingredients that will moisturize and restore your locks back into their healthy state.


If you don’t mind spending a bit more to get the hair you’ve always dreamed of, by all means, go right ahead. There’s nothing wrong with spending a bit more on yourself. If you don’t have all the time in the world, Brown says that you can use a spray leave-in conditioner like Arcona Essential Nutrients Silk Leave-In Conditioner. She says this product leaves the hair silky and treats the scalp. It also prevents sun and heat styling damage that can be caused on a daily basis. The key ingredients in this product are silk protein and panthenol -- a pro vitamin B-5 -- which provide the silky smooth feel with the fabulously healthy shine.

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Tracey Brown; Brown Beauty Consulting; San Francisco, California Mya Passmore; Gwen’s Blends - a Natural Beauty Company

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