Natural Hairstyles for Professional Women

Style your hair appropriately if you're a professional working woman.

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When you're heading off to a job interview or to work for the day, it's best to keep your hair simple and natural. You want to show that you took the time to style your hair and take pride in the way you look, but without an overwhelming, over-the-top style that's going to have people focusing more on your wild hairstyle than your skills.


A half-up style works well for you as a professional gal, because it gets your hair out of your face and lets people focus on you and not on what your hair is doing. Flat-iron your hair or add curls with a curling iron. Rake the top-half section of your hair together with your fingers, pulling it to the back of your head and securing it in place with two or three bobby pins. Use a couple of extra bobbies if your hair is thick.

Loose Bun

A loose bun is always appropriate, but it need not resemble a grandmotherly look. Create curls in your hair with jumbo-sized hot rollers. Tousle the curls a bit with your fingers and mist over your hair with hairspray. Part your hair off to the side a bit and rake your hair together at the back of your head. Twist the length of your hair around a couple of times and form it into a bun shape against your head. Hold it in place by sliding a few bobby pins in around the outside of the bun. Pull at the hair in the bun a bit to loosen it up and let a few tendrils fall loose.

Fishtail Braid

Pigtail braids would certainly be out of place at work, but a chic fishtail side braid works just right. Part your hair far to one side and pull the length of your hair over your shoulder on the opposite side. Divide the hair into two even sections, one beside the other. Take a 1/8-inch chunk of hair from the outside of one section and pull it across to the inside of the other section. Do the same with the other section and continue in this pattern all the way down the hair. Keep the hair taut as you weave, creating the look of a fishtail. Secure the ends with a hair elastic and you're set.

Ringlet Curls

If you've got coarse or unmanageable hair, forming it into ringlets creates a defined hairstyle and makes you look more polished for work. Use a small curling iron -- a 1-inch barrel works best -- to create tight ringlet curls all around your head. Help them last by misting them generously with hairspray.

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