The Best Natural Estrogen Facial Creams

Use estrogenlike creams to stay young-looking.

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Facial creams designed to stimulate collagen production may not be the magic bullet for doing away with wrinkles and other skin damage, but they can be effective moisturizers for keeping your skin tone even and keeping you from aging prematurely. According to a 2008 study performed by researchers at the University of Michigan, estrogen cream, also called estradiol cream, wasn’t very effective for treating skin that was exposed to the sun -- and it can have a bunch of side effects if you’re at risk for cancer. The cream worked better on the subjects’ butts that weren’t continually exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Less invasive phytoestrogens are safer; some of the better formulas can keep you from aging before your time.

Prescription Strength

The best natural estrogen is the stuff you can’t get over the counter. According to Dr. Gabe Mirkin, you’ve got to make your own face cream using prescription-strength estrogen, which you can get only from your doctor, to see any real lasting results. If you mix the medication with your favorite facial cream, you may be able to prevent wrinkles or at least keep your facial skin from thinning so much that your smile wrinkles hold their own long after you’re done laughing. The 0.01 percent estrogen you get from your doctor does enter your bloodstream, however, so make sure you see your gynecologist, who’s familiar with your contraceptive usage and other medical conditions using estrogen that seeps into your skin.

Dr. Brandt Lineless Infinite Moisture

The editors at Marie Claire magazine like the youth-enhancing properties found in Dr. Brandt brand's Lineless Infinite Moisture. The moisturizing lotion relies on kola nuts for its ability to stimulate skin cells to reproduce, and to keep your skin supple. Like soy, green tea and Hawthorne berry, kola nuts contain phytoestrogens that act like estrogen. Phytoestrogens are present in a wide range of fruits, nuts and vegetables. They do not pose the same health risks as straight estrogen, but you still may want to check with your doctor before slathering on the cream.

Chanel Hydramax + Active Moisture Cream

For the most part, you really don’t need to start worrying about wrinkles until after you turn 30 because your body is still producing plenty of estrogen. Once you hit the big three-oh, however, a little bit of phytoestrogen in the form of a daily or nightly cream can’t hurt, if you’ve got your doctor’s OK. Another product that editors at Marie Claire like for its patented hydrating and skin cell plumping ingredients is one made by Chanel. Chanel Hydramax + Active Moisture Cream is made with phytoestrogen-rich nuts, too – carob nuts in this case.

Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Face Serum

Marie Claire went all out to find hormone replacement face creams that can deliver smooth skin and anti-aging properties. Another hit with the editors is ther Kate Somerville brand's Quench Hydrating Face Serum, which uses wheat germ for it phytoestrogen properties. The pricey face serum also contains lipids that are supposed to plump your shrinking facial cells and vitamin A that can help fight off those nasty free radicals that want to destroy your skin.

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