Natural Depilatories for Hair Removal

Is there a natural depilatory?

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If you’re like most gals, you’ve spent a fair share of time getting rid of unwanted and unsightly hair. Ever since puberty crept into your life, you’ve been stripping away those pesky bristles from your legs and underarms, not to mention the upper lip or chin. Most hair removal methods are time-consuming, painful or laden with chemicals.

Depilatory Creams, Gels and Foams

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any depilatory cream, gel or foam that isn’t made with calcium thioglycolate, sodium thioglycolate or potassium thioglycolate. Without one of these ingredients, you’re left with a pair of shapely, yet hairy gams. For the most part, depilatories contain a chemical agent that can dissolve the keratin — or protein — that makes up the structure of your hair. As the chemical breaks down the protein, the shaft of the hair essentially separates from the follicle. When you wipe away the product, you wipe away your hair as well.


Sugaring is probably one of the more natural ways of removing hair. All you do is apply a mixture of sugar, water and other ingredients, like chamomile, tea tree oil or lemon juice, directly to the skin. Cover the mixture with a cloth and then pull it off, bringing up the hardened sugar as well as your hair. If this sounds at all like waxing, you’re not too far off.

Other Options

If you’re dead-set on steering clear of chemicals, and sugaring sounds too much like waxing, plenty of other options are available for removing unwanted hair. Shaving can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when dealing with your legs, but it’s often chemical-free. Plus, it’s cheap, leaving plenty of cash in your wallet to do things you really enjoy. You can also get rid of small areas of unwanted hair by plucking — another chemical-free option.

Professional Removal

If unwanted hair is a real problem, talk to a dermatologist about electrolysis or laser hair removal. Like sugaring, shaving and plucking, electrolysis is often chemical-free — minus the numbing cream used to make the process less painful. Your doctor inserts a small probe into the follicle, zapping it with an electrical current that fries its ability to produce hair. With laser hair removal, waves of light energy damage the follicles, stopping the growth of hair for long periods of time.

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