How to Go Natural Without Cutting My Hair

Go natural without cutting your hair.

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So you wanna get your Afro diva on? Well, it's not hard. You can say goodbye to your relaxer or perm and hello to natural hair -- without cutting your locks -- easily. Many African-American women use relaxers to chemically straighten their hair, while other women use perms to chemically add waves and curls to their locks. The fact of the matter remains, that you do not have to relax or perm your hair to straighten, curl or wave it. However, getting straight, curled or wavy hair with natural hair is a bit harder, but it can be done. Therefore, if you are ready to kick your relaxer or perm addiction to the curb, raise your hands and say, "Enough is enough!"


Throw all of your relaxing and perm kits in the garbage. Pick up the bag and take it out to the trash. Do not add a relaxer to your hair, or do not watch your girlfriend get her hair relaxed or permed. It may bring on urges, which may cause you to relapse.


Keep your hair clean and deep conditioned. Use products that are fortified specifically for natural hair. Try to wash your hair twice a week and oil your scalp with your favorite hair grease, once a week.


Detangle your hair often. Use a wide-tooth comb and detangling spray. Do not use a small-tooth comb, or you may pull out your hair. Remember, you want to go natural - not bald.


Trim your split ends once a month to keep your hair healthy. This also allows you to gradually cut away the relaxed or permed hair without doing the initial big chop.


Have your hair styled in a transitional hairstyle. Transitional hairstyles can be braids, a ponytail, twists or an Afro. Select a style that suits your personality and your bone structure. You may not be able to pull off that hairdo your friend is rocking so well, so weigh your options before you hit the stylist chair.

Things You'll Need


1.Shampoo and conditioner




4.Wide-tooth comb

6.Oil or hair grease


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