The Best Natural Clarifying Way to Shampoo Hair

Get your hair looking good by eliminating product buildup.

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You probably can't imagine going through a day without using some sort of product on your hair. Products keep your hair in place, get it looking good and shiny and do all sorts of other beneficial things. The problem is, all these hair enhancers usually end up leaving a nasty little calling card in the form of buildup. However, you don't have to throw your helpers in the trash; all you have to do is clarify your hair and, fortunately, you can do so naturally.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a jack of all trades. Not only can you use it in food and drinks, you can also get your hair free of buildup. Pouring one cup of the vinegar on your hair once a week before you wash it helps to break down all that nasty residue that causes your hair to look dull and drab. And don't worry about that smell -- it usually goes away in a few hours.

Clarifying Shampoos

Some clarifying shampoos are way harsh and can strip the natural oils out of your hair, leaving your mane looking more damaged than before. So go with a natural clarifying shampoo that is full of all sorts of good ingredients such as rosemary and mint. When used weekly, it can naturally usher away that gross product buildup and help your hair look strong and healthy.

Club Soda

Pouring club soda over your 'do once a week helps kick that buildup to the curb. It works just as well as the apple cider vinegar, but doesn't leave that sometimes offensive scent behind. The fun carbonation helps get through that buildup and leaves your hair looking soft, sexy and super shiny.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea works wonders on gals who need help relaxing and calming down. It can also work like a champ on your dull hair, as well. Boil a few used bags in water and allow it to cool down a bit. Pour it into a spray bottle, then spritz it on your hair once a week after you have shampooed and conditioned it. Use a comb to help work it through your 'do. If you let it dry in the sun, it can also add highlights to your locks. Score!

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