Natural Black Hairstyles for Basket Weave Hair

Get this Improvd Spring 2012 basket weave look without the straight hairstyle.

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Bold bohemian hair like the basket weave braid may swing into the spotlight on long runway locks, but this look isn't only for straight-haired stylistas. The over-and-under pattern typical of basket weaving is just as simple on micro-braids or dreadlocks as it is on small sections of relaxed hair. In fact, interlocked looks on natural hair can give a basic basket weave 'do a few added layers of texture and a touch of sophisticated style.

Long and Loose

Like to keep your hair flowing long and free? If your micro-braids or locks fall past your shoulders, you can let them cascade away from your face with a long and loose "cap" style, a pretty style that features a woven section only above the ears. The basket weave pattern forms in parallel sections over the top of the head and ends in a gentle curve at the back of the head. All braids below the ears hang straight under the curve, creating a sleek look.


A similar style to the cap top look can give a girl just enough glam for any evening out. This basket weave follows the front of the hair above the ears but stops just behind the ears so that the braid ends fall loosely down the back of the head. To hold this style in place, a girl can separate a thick section of braids on each side of the head and twist it. Both sections pull back into a ponytail at the crown for a bun or twist style.

Short Style

Shorter hairstyles don't have to be left out of the basket weave trend, so long as the braids are long enough to weave. To get this style, a girl can weave the hair between her temples all the way down to the nape of the neck and tuck the leftover ends underneath the style. On the sides, she can create cornrows in decorative box or spiral shapes. This look can also be done with bangs, which you can leave as you like or incorporate into more cornrows.

Fierce Fauxhawk

This basket weave look with a punk twist features cornrows braided into box shapes on both sides of the head, which makes it look like they intersect in a basket weave style. The cornrows tie off at the center of the head, with the remaining hair left flying free. In the front, you don't have to stick with box-shaped braids. Instead, simple vertical lines or intricate designs directed toward the mohawk can look cool.

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