The Best Nail Polish for Peeling Brittle Nails

Be kind to your nails with the right at-home care guide.

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Posh and pretty nails need lots of love and nurturing when they turn dry and brittle. Don't neglect them or hide them in shame! Get a fool-proof care kit together of nail solutions to treat your beauty dilemma. Combat dry, cracked and brittle nails at home with the tools that will take your tattered finger tips back to their former, fierce glory.

Conditioning Polish

When your nails are dry, cracked and brittle, reach for a conditioning nail polish that won't just coat your nails but also nourish them. Celebrity manicurist Beth Fricke loves Nail Envy for brittle nails by OPI. Use it as a base coat and maintain your healthy nails by applying it regularly over your polish. To add a little extra kick to knock out stubborn, brittle nails, Fricke suggests drizzling oil over fresh nail polish to protect the polish and hydrate the nails.


No matter how much cuticle oil or nail hardener you use, sometimes nails just won't bite and continue to remain brittle. "Constantly exposing nails to water, chemicals, detergents and solvents will make nails weak and brittle," says Hilary Brown, licensed nail technician and Nail Division Manager for Essential Salon Products in England. "For instance, if you change your nail polish every day, exposing your nails to polish remover consistently is one way nails can eventually become brittle." Brown suggests using a gel overlay such as Cosmar Brush-On Gel Nail Kit or OPI Axxium Clear Overlay Gel & Uv Top Sealer Duo to to help strengthen and protect the nail.


Weak nails can be ultra-sensitive and a pain when performing simple daily tasks. Slowly strengthen nails with a top coat of nail thickener after your regular manicure to help make nails stronger. Dermelect Cosmeceuticals High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener goes on clear and uses a ProSina protein-peptide to strengthen nails up to 50 percent. Sally Hansen's Miracle Thickener uses an advanced calcium and ceramic gel bond to seal thin, weak nails to help them grow.

Keeping Nails Safe

Polish can dehydrate nails so if you're not one to give up your bi-weekly mani/pedi, use polishes that are free from drying irritants such as formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. Nailtini Nail Expert Elsbeth Schuetz recommends keeping nails on the shorter side for less breakage and to moisturize daily and buff them to glossy shine. To keep nails from breaking and splitting Schuetz also recommends using a base coat under any color, such as Nailtini Simple Syrup.

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