The Best Nail Polish Colors to Make Your Hands Look Younger

Craving a metallic shade? Go for it!

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Your hands can whisper your age or make people think you are older than you are if you don't take care of them. Although some lighter shades of nail polish can possibly take the focus off your hands, that shouldn't make you limit your choices. If you're a lady who likes flash and pizazz on her digits but you're worried about aging your hands with your color choice, you shouldn't. You can pull off most any color with style and grace as long as you keep your hands and fingernails in tip-top condition.

Colors of Youth

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to stick with pale neutrals to keep your hands looking youthful. No, indeed, you can rock that red shade you've been eyeballing. Orangey or tomato-colored reds can help bring a youthful vibe to your hands, especially on short, well-manicured nails. Step away from blue-based reds, which can highlight every vein in your hand -- not a good look. If you're not into flaunting it, go for those lighter colors. That can work, too.

Go to Great Lengths

If you tend to have shorter, thicker fingers, you may like the looks a nude or sheer shade can give your fingers. Just like topping off your toes with a pair of skin-colored pumps can make your legs look longer, coating your digits with a nudes or sheers can lengthen your fingers. But don't be afraid to flaunt a brighter shade if that's what you're feeling. Just make sure your hands and nails look lovely while you're doing it.

Best Nail Length and Shape

Talons suit our feathered and furred friends, not us. So stay away from claws that make you look more avian or feline than feminine. A good length is to keep your nails no longer than about 1/4-inch past the tips of your digits for a clean, well- manicured look.

Hand and Nail Care

Brittle nails and scaly skin do nothing to make your hands look younger. So do whatever it takes to keep your nails and hands in youthful shape. No, you don't have to purchase expensive products and seek out a professional. You can do simple things like slather your hands with rich moisturizing cream or petroleum jelly before bed and then encase your hands in thick gloves for a hydrating treat. Other ideas include massaging oil into your cuticles and carving out some time to file and shape your nails.

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