Nail Designs With Pink Tips and Silver Lines

Get creative with your polish for nails that are pretty in pink.

Photo: Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

Perfectly painted nails are virtually a requirement for any fashionista, but single-colored nails are so last season. Wild colors and bright accents are fierce and fun, infusing your style with a funky vibe all your own. Pink and silver pair exceptionally well together and add just the right amount of pizzazz to drab nails.

Lines and Spots

Cheetah print looks fabulous on those new pumps, so why not paint your nails to match? Paint the lower third of each nail with a bright pink polish, and add a few small spots of black polish over the top of the pink tips. Put an even smaller spot of pink in the middle of each black dot to mimic real cheetah spots, and add a line of sparkly silver polish along the inside edge of the pink tip. Let the spots dry before protecting your sexy, spotted nails with clear topcoat.

Play With Marbles

Marbles aren’t just for kids; marbled nails are a playful way to swirl up boring pink nails. Protect the upper two-thirds of each nail with a piece of clear tape, leaving the bottom of the nail exposed. Grab a small bowl and fill it with filtered water. Add one drop of dark pink polish to the center of the bowl, and add a drop of light pink polish over the center of the first drop. Add one more drop of dark pink polish on top of the first two and swirl the polishes together with a toothpick. Lay the tip of the nail over the top of the marbled polish, pull your nail from the water and remove the tape once the polish dries. Accent the marbled nail with a thin line of silver polish at the junction of the marbled and unpolished nail sections and cover with top coat.

Glitter On

Paint your entire nail with a light shade of pink polish and add a second coat of darker pink to just the tips. Apply the second coat before the first coat dries so the polishes combine in random little streaks. Once the pinks are completely set, sweep on a coat of holographic glitter polish. This sparkly polish reflects light in rainbow hues, giving your pink polish a little flair. Paint thin silver streaks over each nail, alternating line direction on each finger for random, unique nails.

Fishnet Fabulous

If you’re looking for a creative way to dispose of those old fishnets, put them to work on your nails. Snip the fishnets into small squares and lay them out at your work station. Sweep on one coat of pale pink polish and let it dry. Brush a layer of deep pink polish over each tip and immediately lay a fishnet square over the darker polish. Leave the squares alone for a couple minutes and gently peel off the fishnet overlay. Accentuate the pattern with small silver streaks, but skip the topcoat or you’ll blend everything together.

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