Motorcycle Riding Hairstyles for Women

Helmet head doesn't go with perfect hair.

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The need for speed, the wind blowing by your face and taking a tight curve can all be accomplished by riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, a perfect hairstyle cannot. It's a small price to pay to the gods of adrenaline junkies. Thankfully, there are some tricks and styles motorcycle babes use to mitigate some of the damage caused by wind and helmets.

Helmet Head

There's something you should know about helmet head right away. You can forget about sporting a perfectly stick-straight style after you've been wearing one for more than five minutes. No matter what, a post-helmet style on longer hair is going to be a little kinky or curly when it's taken down. The idea behind helmet hairstyles is to avoid a matted, damaged rat's nest after your ride and to have a style that's presentable in public. The idea behind wearing a helmet is to save your life in the case of an accident. So don't even think about ditching one for any reason.

Go Short

If you've recently taken up riding a hog and have always wondered what short hair would be like, it might be time to go pixie and make it happen. Short hair runs the risk of getting matted down and sweaty under a helmet, but there's something you can do to avoid that and it's fairly easily revived once the helmet comes off. Wrap a bandanna or a silk scarf around your 'do before you turn the throttle and ride off into the sunset. Take off the helmet and the scarf and run some pomade or wax through your hair to re-texturize it. Or spray on some dry shampoo to absorb oil and wetness. How do you carry products with you? That's what saddle bags are for. If your ride doesn't have one, a fanny pack, backpack or snug cross body bag will do.

French Plait it

Long-haired ladies pay attention. Your hair is at risk for the most damage. If your locks are past your shoulders, piling it up under your helmet can cause fit problems. You don't want that. Braid your hair in a French braid before you hit the road. Your hair will be close enough to your head that the helmet still fits, your hair won't get tangled on your ride and the best part: once you undo the braid your hair will fall down in soft, gorgeous waves. If you're worried about your scalp getting sweaty under the helmet cover it up with a fabric scarf first.

Pony Up

Bikers have very specific looks that most people see as intimidating or strange. What they don't realize is that biker style is less about looks and more about function. For example, being clad head to toe in good, thick leather is protection against hitting the pavement in case of an accident. Dark sunglasses and visors protect their eyes. And that skinny ponytail down the back with rubber bands every few inches has a purpose too. If a pony is left low and loose it's going to be almost impossible to get a comb through after a ride. If you put in small elastics down the length of the ponytail, it's kept together and so is the health of your hair. Just know that if you want to let your hair down, it's going to look crimped rather than waved or curly.

Another Wave Option

It's going to be clear that you can't wear a bun on top or in the back of your head if you have to wear a helmet, too. And a low bun runs the risk of falling out and becoming frizzy if the wind sweeps through it. For another wavy 'do, go ahead and put your hair in a low bun. But instead of leaving it open to the elements, wrap a bandanna or scarf around it and secure the edges of the scarf to the back of your head with bobby pins. Your bun might get messy under the scarf, but when you let it down your hair will be wavy.

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