Is Moisture Intense Mask Good for Oily Skin?

Moisture intense masks are better for dry skin.

Photo: Marili Forastieri/Lifesize/Getty Images

Chances are, just hearing the words “moisture” and “intense” makes you think of something sumptuous, even indulgent. No one can deny that every beauty deserves to indulge in a little pampering, especially when it comes to her skin. But as with any skincare product, masks are formulated for very specific skin types. A moisture intense mask -- as good as it may sound -- probably isn’t your best option if you have oily skin.


Most moisture intense masks contain emollients such as shea butter or cocoa butter. They may also contain oils, lanolins or even glycerin. Applying any one of these ingredients to your skin can create a seal that prevents moisture from escaping, which is of great importance for dry skin. Although you need a little moisturizer each day, the oil on your skin already helps it to retain a lot of its moisture, keeping it well hydrated. Using a moisture intense mask may be going overboard, and could end up making you look greasy.


Not only are they needless for oily skin, but moisture intense masks can contain ingredients that are comedogenic. No doubt you’re familiar with the word “noncomedogenic,” so you probably know that comedogenic is a bad thing. Anything slapped with this name can lead to clogged pores. Lanolin, for example, is comedogenic. The same can be said of cocoa butter. Because your skin is already oily, you’re prone to breakouts. Leaving anything on your skin that’s comedogenic is a recipe for disaster.


Instead of investing in a moisture intense mask, consider picking up a clay or mud mask. As the clay or mud dries, it absorbs excess oils from your skin's surface. It also tends to leach toxins from your pores and slough away dead skin cells. As you can imagine, any of these benefits can go a long way toward improving your complexion.


Don't get the wrong idea about moisturizers. You might not need a moisture intense mask, but regardless of skin type, everyone should wear a moisturizer. For oily skin, a light, water-based moisturizer is best. Buy one with a sunscreen in it, urges the American Academy of Dermatology.

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