How to Get Moisture Into African-American Hair

Forcing moisture into major frizz requires a mega-dose of mayo.

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It makes you smell like a sandwich and is tedious to wash out, but a classic mayonnaise conditioning treatment is still the easiest way to get moisture into African-American hair. You can spend a small fortune on salon conditioning products if you have money to burn or want a stylist as your new BFF. However, using mayo means you can bank your bling while hydrating your hair. Throw it into a fancy container if it makes you feel better -- as long as you use it right, you’ll take your hair from frizzy to fab.


Prepare your hair. Don’t jump into the shower: A mayo treatment starts with dry hair. Use your fingers or a pick to untangle any large knots in your mane. Throw on a grungy shirt, in case of drips, and throw a towel over your shoulders, in case of drops. The last thing you want to deal with is mayo everywhere. Make sure the mayo and shower cap are at hand as you position yourself in front of the bathroom mirror.


Massage your mane with mayo. Pour or spoon a handful of mayo into your palms and massage it into your hair, starting at the roots. Keep massaging more mayo into your locks as needed, until every inch has a thick cover. Pull your greasy mass upward and grab the shower cap. Tuck every single strand of hair into the cap, pulling it down to cover your whole hairline, even across your forehead.


Take a chill pill. Let the mayo soak into your hair for 20 or 30 minutes before washing it away. Keep the shower cap on your head to protect your hair and your furniture. Use the time to catch up on gossip rags, do a mani-pedi or smooth on a facial mask.


Wash it away. Step into the shower, but don’t get your hair wet yet. Peel off the shower cap and pour a large dollop of shampoo into your palms. Work the shampoo into your hair gently. Now rinse your tresses clean. Use a dab more shampoo if needed and rinse until the water runs clean. Rinse your locks in cool water to lock in moisture.


Dry it right. Gently squeeze the excess water from your mane before stepping out of the shower. Wrap a clean towel around your head, do the “twist 'n' tuck” and let the water soak into the fabric for a few minutes while you attend to the rest of your bod. Unwrap your damp hair and let it dry in the fresh air. Blow-drying will suck away the moisture you just took the trouble of adding -- so let it dry au naturel.

Things You'll Need


1.Old shirt



2.2 towels

4.Shower cap


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