How to Moisten Hair

Your blow dryer can actually help you restore moisture to dry hair.

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Your hairstyle should make a statement, and if your hair is dry and brittle, that style is screaming "Save me!" Dry hair is a product of cheap styling products, bad dye jobs and excessive heat styling, but you don't have to be doomed to horrifically dry hair. Your kitchen offers a wealth of all-natural moisturizers, allowing you to transform those fried follicles into soft, shiny strands in no time.


Grab a knife and chop up a hair mask. Add 1/4 c. olive oil, 1/4 c. mayonnaise and 1 chopped avocado to a small bowl. Press the avocado chunks against the sides to break them down into a paste, and stir the ingredients until smooth. These ingredients are full of healthy fats that can infuse your hair with all-natural moisture.


Wet your hair with very warm water, and wring out excess liquid. Slather the olive oil paste over your hair, massaging it into your scalp. Cover your head with a plastic bag, tying the bag tightly at the base of your head. While it may be ugly, the bag holds the mask against your head and keeps your clothes from looking like a salad bar disaster victim.


Turn your blow dryer on high heat and air settings, and run it over your head for 15 minutes. The blow dryer, in combination with your not-so-fashionable head gear, will create a sauna-like effect, baking the moisture from the mask into parched hair strands.


Remove the bag, and rinse away as much of the mask as possible. Rinse over the garbage disposal side of your kitchen sink so you don't have to explain to the plumber why your bathtub drain is full of leftovers!


Add a dollop of your fave moisturizing shampoo to your wet hair, and massage thoroughly. Rinse, towel dry, and run your hands through your luxurious, shiny, moisture-laden locks!

Things You'll Need




5.Measuring cups


9.Blow dryer


2.Olive oil

4.Ripe avocado


8.Plastic bag

10.Moisturizing shampoo


Tips & Tricks


If you have short hair, cut the recipe down to half an avocado and eat the other half for a healthy dose of good fats.

Don't hold the hair dryer too close to the plastic bag. The high heat of the dryer will melt the plastic if it touches the bag.


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