How to Mix Toner With Hair Color

Toner can shade down too-bright or brassy highlights.

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Most women think of hair toners as a way to bring out the "blonde" in blond highlights, stripping brassy hues from the bleach. But you can use a toner anytime you want to add dimension to hair dye, from toning down overly bright highlights to turning blonde highlights copper. To tone hair, you mix the toner with developer color, then apply the whole thing like a hair dye. This means you save on salon color but still get the real deal through DIY hair care, for a total score.


Read over the instructions on your toner first to get the deets: what, when, how much, how long. Jot down how much toner to mix with developer, which develops the color you want, and how long to leave the whole deal in, which is super important cause you don't want to overprocess your hair.


Change into an old t-shirt, in case you drip dye on you. Assemble your supplies and put gloves on your hands.


Pour in equal parts of the toner and the developer color into a bowl, unless your kit gives you different amounts (the amount can vary by brand, but since you read your instructions you're good to go). Then blend the two together with a spoon till they're mixed. You can also combine them in a squeeze bottle and squeeze the toner into your hair, if you prefer.


Coat your hair with the toner. Use an applicator brush to dab the mixture onto the middle of your locks and massage it out toward the ends, then go up and get the roots.


Set your timer: a must. When the timer goes off, it's time to rinse your hair.

Things You'll Need


1.Old t-shirt

3.Hair toner and developer color


2.Rubber gloves


6.Applicator brush


Tips & Tricks


Toners are demi or semi-permanent colors, which means they won't last forever. If you toned over a permanent dye, you'll need to reapply when the toner wears off (your kit will tell you when this is).


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