How to Mix Peroxide & Bleach for Hair Lightening

Lighten your locks with a mixture of bleach and peroxide.

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Mixing hair color isn't rocket science, but mixing it incorrectly can cause an explosive reaction. Well, not an "explosion" really -- at least not the kind with fire -- but you may feel like exploding when you take a gander at your new hair color in the mirror. To keep everything, including you, from blowing up, take care during the mixing process. Measure twice and pour once to ensure the right mix. Blend it all nice and smooth. Now that color is explosive -- in a good way!


Put on a pair of latex, plastic or vinyl gloves. Latex will give you more range of motion and sensitivity, which will help when it's time to apply the bleach to your hair. But anything that protects your hands will do.


Open the bleach container and pull out the included scoop. Dump two scoops of bleach powder into the color bowl.


Using the same scoop, measure out two scoops of peroxide. Use 20-volume peroxide (developer) to lighten two to three shades, 30-volume to lighten four to five shades and 40-volume to lighten five to 10 shades. For hair that is particularly stubborn or coarse, use higher strength peroxide. Use a lower strength on damaged hair. Pour the peroxide on top of the bleach powder.


Blend the bleach and peroxide together using the color brush until no trace of dry powder remains. Blend away all lumps and keep stirring until the mixture resembles pancake batter. Add more peroxide if the mixture is too thick. Add more powder if the mixture is too thin.

Things You'll Need



3.20-, 30- or 40-volume color developer (peroxide)

5.Color brush

2.Powder bleach

4.Color bowl


Tips & Tricks


While you can lighten your locks yourself, it is one of those beauty treatments that really is best left to the pros. Talk with your hair stylist before bleaching your hair.

Girl, get that bleach away from your face! Always keep bleach powder and peroxide away from your face and nose while measuring and mixing. Avoid inhaling the dust powder and fumes.


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