How to Mix Honey, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Cleaning Your Face

Mix lemon and honey for a mask that will revitalize your skin.

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Why spend money on a face mask when you can create a great skin revitalizer using common kitchen ingredients? Combine the moisturizing properties of olive oil with the acidic properties of citrus juice and the vitamin punch of honey (it contributes moisturizing qualities and a B-vitamin boost). This cleanser gives tired, sagging skin a deep cleanse, and it's the perfect way to unwind after a long, stressful week. So pour a glass of wine, invite the girls over and have a private spa night that will leave you looking younger and feeling revitalized!


Pour half a cup of honey into a small bowl.


Add three tbsp. lemon juice and one tbsp. olive oil to the honey. Stir the ingredients together with a spoon until your cleansing mask looks well mixed.


Wash your face using warm water and your fave face cleanser. Scrub the soap suds into your face for 30 seconds to give your pores a deep cleanse. Rinse.


Dry your face with a towel. Then pat the honey-lemon-oil mix onto your face using your fingertips. Cover your face, but avoid getting this mix into your eyes, your mouth or your nostrils.


Let the nourishing mask sit on your face for 30 minutes.


Rinse the honey mask from your skin under lukewarm water, using a washcloth to get the thick honey off your skin. Follow the lukewarm rinse with a cool rinse. Your skin will feel tightened and revitalized.

Things You'll Need


1.Small bowl

3.Lemon juice




4.Olive oil

6.Facial cleanser



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