How to Mix Different Types of Hair Dyes

Mix two hair tints to create salon worthy custom hair color.

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A mix of different dyes creates the sexy hair colors you see on models working the runway or the pages of your favorite fashion magazines. Colorists combine two or more tints to custom create that perfect hair shade and tone, reveals Beverly Hills pro Lorri Goddard-Clark. Be your own colorist and mix different dyes at home to get the same sizzling results at a fraction of the cost. That leaves lots of spare cash to spend on the perfect dress to show off your new hair color.


Remove the tint bottle or tube from each box of hair color. Use a marker pen to mark the contents of each container into two even halves. If you want a precise measurement, check the number of ounces in the container and pour or squeeze half that amount into a glass or plastic measuring cup. Most manufacturers include 2 ounces of dye, the equivalent of ¼ cup.


Replace the cap tightly on the halves of tint you won't be using for this color session and place them in a plastic bag with a zipper-like seal. Leftover dye can be safely stored for a couple of months.


Remove the developer bottle from one of the hair color boxes. Cut off the tip end with a pair of scissors. Unscrew the bottle cap and pour or squeeze the measured amount of each of the two colors into the bottle. Replace the cap, cover the open tip with your gloved finger and shake the bottle to combine the tints and developer.


Follow the manufacturer's directions to apply the hair color blend to your dry hair. Your mix is valid for 30 to 40 minutes before the coloring chemicals will automatically stop processing. Remove the lid of the developer bottle and discard any leftover color mix. Shampoo, condition and style your hair into an eye-catching do to get all the attention you crave and deserve.

Things You'll Need


1.Two boxes of hair color

3.Glass or plastic measuring cup



2.Marker pen

4.Plastic bag

6.Plastic gloves



Tips & Tricks


Don't attempt to blend different tint formulations. Always mix gel tints together or a liquid dye with another liquid dye. (See Reference 1)

Always use one brand of hair color when mixing tints.

Don't use metal measuring utensils and bowls to measure your hair color as it reacts with the dye. (See Reference 2)

To ensure natural looking hair color, combine one neutral toned tint with a golden or ash tone shade. (See Reference 3)

If unsure of what shades to select for your hair color, visit a beauty supply store and use a color swatch ring to select dyes that compliment your skin tone.


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