The Best Mid-Rise Jeans for Women

Mid-rise jeans can be worn in stylish ways.

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Mid-rise jeans look fabulous on women with long legs and flat bellies, but what doesn’t work for long-legged, flat-bellied women? The truth is the you can rock mid-rise jeans, even if you have average legs and a bit of a belly curve. When you wear them right, mid-risers help hold in those extra curves, rather than emphasize them. The result is a striking fit with a casual vibe that can be a welcome change, especially if you've been wearing low-risers lately, and your muffin tops are getting stale.

Tight Fit

Mid-rise jeans sit close to your belly button, with a zipper up to 6 inches long. Some brands are cut slightly higher in the back, inching up closer to your waistline. No butt cleavage displays with these jeans! Stylish mid-risers hug your curves with a close-fitting waistband. Elastic insets on the sides or in the back of the waistband can help achieve the right contour, but unless you want those mid-risers to scream "mom jeans," make sure those elastics are under cover. The fit of the seat, knees and thighs affect the look and feel of a pair of jeans just as much as the rise.

Hip Style

If you’re wide in the hips or deep in the trunk, mid-rise jeans de-emphasize that oversize backside. Mid-rise jeans with a bootleg cut can help turn a full-size or roundish body type into a curvaceous figure-8. If you are long-waisted, mid-rise jeans can help make your waistline appear slightly higher. It's all about balance. Mid-rise jeans also can make your legs look longer because they start higher on your torso than low-rise jeans.

Fashion Fabrics

Jeans just aren't jeans unless they're made from cotton denim. Some styles weave in a little spandex for extra stretch that gives a more comfortable fit. Others are made with a blend of cotton and polyester or cotton and nylon that gives them superpower strength, reworks the texture and ensures shrink-resistance. Pre-washed or distressed mid-rise jeans may be hipper than solid indigo, but they are also less durable and won’t last as long. Keep that in mind if you wear jeans most of the time and you've got a cash crisis on your hands.

Listen Up

Don't walk out of that department store door with any brand of mid-rise jeans unless you've tried them on and you're sure about the fit. While you're at it, inspect the seams, stitching and zipper to be sure they are well-sewn and strong enough for the type of fabric used. Well-made mid-rise jeans that are properly cut and sewn together with care will look better and last longer. Try on several different brands of mid-rise jeans until you find a manufacturer that makes the best fit for you. If you can’t find a pair that suits you in the women’s department, don't be shy about checking out the sizing and styles in the men’s area. Boy-cut jeans may be a better fit for you and, hey, you might meet someone interesting while you're there.

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