Micro Braids Hairstyles for White Women

Micro braids are a challenging braided style but achievable style for white women.

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There's a saying that you don't have to be black to have soul, and apparently you don't have to be black to get braids, either. Micro braids are really small box braids created by parting the hair in small square-like boxes and using human or synthetic hair. It's easier to use this method with ethnic hair because white women's hair is more fine and sleeker, in general. However, there are ways to rock the micro braided look with or without the braiding method.

Braids for Cover-Up

While adding gel to your strands may help with gripping the braiding hair, the braids can still fall out. To avoid sitting down in a chair for hours, be strategic and just get the front section of your hair braided. Then pull the braids back in a low bun or ponytail to give the illusion that your head is filled with micro braids all over. Make sure the braiding hair is as close as possible to your blond or dark locks.

Braided Wigs

There are wigs that have micro-sized braids attached. Just pin your hair down with bobby pins, add a cap then apply the braided wig with glue. You can rock micro braids without the braiding process. Go figure!

Braided Track Extensions

If you're opposed to wigs, try braided track extensions. You can glue the pieces to a cap or sew them in the back of your hair. If you sew them on the back of your hair, you should have the front braided with synthetic or human braiding hair for a natural look.

Braided Pony and Bun Extensions

If you want a unique look with an interesting hair texture contrast, go for clip-on braided pony and bun extensions. Just slick your hair up or back and add the clip-on extension.

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