Metallic Nail Polish for Olive Skin


Hands down, the hottest trend in nail polish is the emergence of metallics. With its sparkle, shimmer and eye-catching tone, metallic nail polish offers a great way to glam up any fashion ensemble with little effort. The first step in rocking metallic nail polish is knowing the colors that look best on your complexion. You ladies with olive skin are fortunate because your yellow undertone allows you to wear some of the hottest shades on the market. Check the metallics that stand above the rest.


This is arguably the best metallic nail color for olive-skinned girls. Gold nail polish looks amazing on olive skin because of the nail color's yellow base and your complexion's yellow undertone. There are many gold shades to choose from, but since you have a natural glow to your skin it's best to highlight it with bold, gold polish. Yellow-gold or 24 karat hues that contain lots of yellow look best with your olive coloring. Quick tip: gold polish stands out on its own, so limit the amount of jewelry you wear to avoid an overdone look.


You can go for the gold, but bronze is just as fierce. Metallic bronze nail polish is not only a fabulous alternative to gold, but it also happens to look very pretty with rich, olive skin. Bronze contains elements of brown and gold shades with tons of sparkle for a statement-making effect. Surprisingly, bronze polish is not a color that you see enough of, but with the recent popularity of metallic polish, you can change all that by wearing the color on a regular basis. Quick tip: keep the bronze color going all over by wearing your favorite bronzing powder with your nail polish.


Softer and more subtle than other metallic shades, silver nail polish is probably the easiest to wear. It goes with practically any other color because it doesn't clash or compete for attention. Silver makes your olive-skinned hands look even more golden because of its icy tone. There are various types of silver polish; choose one with an additional element of glitter for a dramatic look that's great for nighttime.

Metallic Purple

One of the latest metallic shades happens to be a hybrid. Take a soft lavender and infuse it with loads of sheen and shimmer, and you have a fierce metallic purple nail polish. Think of this color much like silver, with the difference being a fabulous color that's more feminine and that pops against olive skin. Quick tip: this nail polish makes even more of an impact when you incorporate additional shades of soft purple into your makeup look, specifically your lips.

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