Metallic Nail Polish for Dark-Brown Skin

Metallic nail polish is the perfect complement to dark-brown skin.

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Metallic nail polish shimmers with elegance and sass. A shiny metallic finish looks particularly awesome on women with dark-brown skin. If this is a new look for you, get ready to be amazed. The depth of your color lets metallics really shine. Pick polish shades that complement your skin tone for fingers and toes that glimmer like magic.


Dark-brown skin is a very deep, dark shade of brown with warm, yellow undertones. Your undertone determines which colors look good on you. Even if the exact shade of your skin changes from sun exposure or for other reasons, your undertone stays the same. Warm-skinned women like you look best in metallics that have a little gold or copper in them.


When you rock metallic nails, they need to be perfect. The finish of your fingers, especially against such luscious dark skin, reflects the light strongly enough that any little dings show -- and show up your manicure. Avoid a streaky mess by applying a base coat with a ridge filler first. Apply two coats of nail polish, letting each coat dry thoroughly. Finish off with a clear top coat.


The hottest impact comes from nail polish that takes its cues from actual metals. You're dark enough to pull off some serious flash. Go for a bright, celebratory gold or a deep, earthy copper. These colors might overwhelm lighter ladies, but your dark-brown hands will look regal and refined with bold tips.

Other Colors

Basically, any color that matches your skin tone will translate in metallic. Stick to warm shades and get a little experimental. Deep, mossy or hunter-green looks incredible with a metallic edge to it. Bright yellows and oranges show your cheerful side and warm gold-reds stop traffic. You can shoot for contrast with an ivory-seashell metallic, too.


The finish of your nail polish can take your look from saucy to straight-up out-of-this-world. You're one of the few women who can pull off crazy bright polish, so feel free to play with foil finishes. They're slick and futuristic, but particularly elegant. If that's too much for you, try a shimmer instead. Just don't confuse glitter with metallic. Glitter is cute, but it's not as sophisticated as metallic.

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