Medium Layered Women's Hairstyles With Blond Highlights

Highlight your bangs to draw attention to your face.

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Bright blond highlights can add sparkle and lift to any shade of hair when you sport a medium layered cut. Go stark with blond streaks on top of your dark brown or black hair for a striking counter-balance to set yourself apart. Let subtle highlights adorn your light brown hair to make it look as if you just returned from a week at a sunny beach resort. Use blond highlights in a variety of ways to add life to a dull 'do.


So you've got a corporate gig that requires you to keep the outrageous hairdos for your nightlife. You can still brighten up the office -- and your style -- with subtle highlights in your layered cut. Medium layers are particularly effective for camouflaging highlights, especially when your hair is light or blond already. Apply highlights evenly throughout your hair to make them appear even more natural. And don't tell anyone about the addition. Let them keep on guessing.


Get your darker hair cut in medium layers that are longer on one side than the other and then place one well-chosen streak right across the top front of your head. A slash of blond highlight bordering the top of your bangs is really "out there" and pegs you as a girl with a bit of a wild streak. Make the highlight your signature piece as you change your style too -- go short and even one year and asymmetrical the next, as your hair grows out.


Curly or wavy medium-length hair is well suited to a few layers of blond highlights. Set off your facial glow by placing a few light highlights around your face where your curls feather around your chin and neckline in complementary layers. Spread the highlights evenly throughout your curly hair. They will shimmer and change depending on the lights you're walking under. Apply highlights from your roots to the tips for the most natural layered look.


Go for highlights that add just a bit of texture and make your hairstyle pop. Flip your ends and add highlights to just the tips for a subtle change. Choose medium layers just around the sides of your face to highlight or touch the blond highlights all around the longest layers on your head. Add blond highlights just on your bangs to bring attention to your face and your eyes. Go for swooping side bangs with blond highlights for a dramatic look. Or, start placing the highlights on the back side of your hair away from your face to add fullness to your style and get a little more pop when you leave a room.

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