How to Do Medieval Hairstyles


There's something elegant and truly romantic about Medieval hairstyles. They're ultra feminine, and some are so intricate you wonder how those women managed to style their hair so beautifully every day. Hey, just because times have changed doesn't mean you can't rock the same style and look just as lovely. It's just a matter of using the right techniques to get an authentic Medieval style.

Basic Braid


Brush your hair through to get rid of any tangles.


Pull your hair together behind your head -- you can part your hair on one side, down the center, or brush it all back on top so there's no part at all -- as though you were going to put it in a low ponytail.


Divide the hair into three even sections.


Pull the left section of hair across the center section so it sits between the center and right section. Pull the right section across the center so it sits between the center and left section.


Keep braiding down the hair this way, keeping the tension on the sections of hair evenly balanced as you make your way down the length of your hair, to get an even, lovely braid. Once you reach the ends, secure the braid in place with a hair elastic. This basic braid down the back of the head is one of the most classic -- and, lucky for you, one of the easiest -- hairstyles of Medieval times.

Braided Buns


Brush your hair to smooth it and create a center part in your hair from the front of your hairline down to the back of your head. Clip the right section out of the way for now.


Divide the loose hair into two even sections and secure a piece of ribbon -- as long as the longest part of your hair -- in at the top of your head with a couple of bobby pins. This creates a third section to include in your braid.


Braid down the length of your hair, alternating between the two sections of hair and the ribbon, and secure the ends of the braid with an elastic.


Twist the braid so it wraps around the base of the braid, creating a bun, and hold it in place by sliding a few bobby pins in around the outside. Do the same on the right section of your hair to create a second braided bun.


Spritz over your hair with some hair spray. This keeps the frizzies away and keeps your lovely Medieval-style 'do secure all day long.

Things You'll Need



3.Hair clip

5.Hair spray

2.Hair elastics



Tips & Tricks


You can purchase pre-styled wigs and other hairpieces to help you achieve a Medieval hairstyle. This may be a useful option if you have short hair or want different colored hair without having to dye your own hair.

Use a string of beads in place of ribbon for intertwining with your braids if you like.


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