Meaning of Rings on Fingers

Rings of many colors: discover the hidden meaning in your jewelry.

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Rings glitter, they draw the eye and, when presented by a man on bended knee, have been known to melt the heart. The ring you love might be the plastic best friend forever rings you got when you were seven, the gold band on your grandmother's finger, worn thin after sixty years, or "the ring" that you gaze at and sigh. Whatever your jewelry style, what you wear and where you wear it has more meaning than you might think. Palmistry, the art of telling fortunes from the lines, patterns and marks on your hands, gives some intriguing insights into what those meanings might be.

The Thumb

Take your thumb. It symbolizes your willpower and sense of self. If you're lacking the discipline to achieve your goal -- whether it's to lose those last few pounds, write that novel or ask him on a date -- wearing a ring on your thumb will strengthen your resolve. A ruby is recommended by palmists so add some sultry red to your look.

The Index Finger

Known in palmistry as the Jupiter finger, your index finger symbolizes self-confidence and leadership. Wearing a large ring on this finger is said to show a lack of self-esteem or wish for power and recognition. If you feel your self-confidence waning, wear a base metal ring on this finger and turn it slowly, visualizing how you want to be and where you want to go in life. Your ring won't sparkle, but that doesn't mean your dreams can't.

The Middle Finger

This is your Saturn finger, representing individuality and balance. Wearing a large ring on this finger suggests a need to fit in and feel secure. If you're seeking balance in your life, look for a pewter ring. It contains a small amount of lead, the metal traditionally associated with Saturn, but not enough to give you lead poisoning. Practice folding your index finger into your palm and holding it there with your thumb while you breathe deeply.

The Ring Finger

Ah, the ring finger. Even the biggest tomboy can't help but smile at the sight of a sparkling jewel and that blissful gaze of the soon-to-be-wed. Its ruling planet is Apollo and it's known as the "peacock finger" because of its association with attracting a mate. It symbolizes creativity and is said to link to the heart. It isn't just for brides-to-be, though. If you're a single gal, sport a gold ring with small, brightly colored gems on the ring finger of your left hand for the surprises your life will have in store.

The Little Finger

Known as your Mercury or antenna finger, your little finger is all about communication, both receiving and giving information, signs and signals. A person wearing many rings on their little finger is said to be unreliable or a little liberal with the truth. That doesn't mean you can't add a little glimmer to yours. A moonstone or fine platinum or white gold band will bring a sense of freedom and openness. You'll be stylish and serene.

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