Does Mauve Blush Look Good on Fair Skin?

You're a natural fit for mauve blush.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, mauve looks best on the fairest of them all. Mauve is a hue befit for delicate fair skin coloring. Mauve makeup highlights common fair complexion traits, including red and blond hair and blue or green eyes. Pack a feminine punch into your cosmetic routine with a romantic mauve blush and feel instantly pretty with this romantic color.

Picking a Mauve Blush

Mauve blush is available in plenty of formulas and hues. There are both cool and warm shades of mauve blush. Your shade depends on your underlying skin coloring. Cool underlying tones look better in blue-based mauves, where warm fair skin looks best in neutral and spicier mauves. You're likely a cool if you have blue eyes or blond hair, and likely a warm if you have brunette or red hair. When you've determined your underlying tone, you can shop for the most flattering mauve blush. Don't worry. Mauve of any tone will still work on your complexion.

Formula Types

Mauve blush is available in cream, powder and even liquid formulas. The best formulation for you depends on your skin type. Oily skin types might shy away from creams for fear of their added supple sheen, while dry skin types may find powder blush to be too dull and drying. You'll likely have to test different formulas and brands to find the right combination for your skin. Overall, cream blushes are an ideal choice if you can afford the extra moisture on your complexion. They provide lasting coverage and add a soft glow. Powder blushes are easy to apply but often lack staying power. Liquid or stain blushes are tricky to master but can offer the longest wear. For best mauve blush results, apply a stain or a cream hue and layer with a mauve powder. You'll be blushing all day.

Flatter Your Eyes with Mauve Blush

Mauve on the cheeks calls for an equally romantic eye. Pair mauve cheeks on your fair skin with ecru or silver hue eye shadow. A soft, romantic application style is best for your features. Play up your eyes, which are likely one of your prettiest features, by applying smoky shadowing techniques, or add some drama by pairing a silver shadow with a flirty and romantic liquid cat eye. Smudged liner is yet another option that pairs well with a mauve blush, adding a feminine yet earthy vibe when paired with brown mascara.

Flattering Lip Colors with Mauve Blush

Mauve blush looks alluring with berry lips. Blow some cherry kisses and pair your pout with a mauve blush for a fresh and juicy combination. Deep garnet lipstick and cranberry hues add lots of drama that balances mauve cheeks. For a more natural makeup style, you can complement mauve blush with a light pink lip gloss. Mauve blush is a romantic and flirty choice for the fairest of them all.

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