How to Match a Blazer With Dress Pants

The right blazer will make you look timelessly trendy.

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It’s simple to throw on a blazer with pair of pants and call it good before running out the door. Without much forethought, a blazer can ruin your look and make you look frumpy, short and unprofessional. Not hot. A blazer that matches your body type can accent your dress pants and resurrect the ones at the back of your closet.

Petite Figures

If you are a petite vixen, make it your goal to pair your dress pants with a blazer that makes you look longer. Avoid boleros and cropped jackets because they can make your torso look short. Instead, opt for a longer blazer with a shawl or mandarin-style collar, a Chanel-style jacket with a boxy cut, a pea coat or a corset blazer. If you want pockets, choose a jacket that has pockets hidden in the seams instead of boxy ones that can make you look shorter, especially if your dress pants also have noticeable pockets.

Full Figures

Look for a jacket that accentuates your curves for a va-va-voom. Otherwise, the frumpy look will make it appear as if you had to resort to the last item left on the rack when you went shopping. Like those who have a petite figure, you’ll get the most bang for your buck when you opt for a single-breasted blazer that makes your body look long. Look for blazers that sit on your hips or are longer, and avoid wearing baggy dress pants. When shopping for a blazer, look for a fitted style that accents your curves -- like a corset blazer -- and doesn’t fit too tight or too big. Blazer styles to avoid include boleros (especially if you are busty), Chanel-style jackets and cropped jackets.

Straight Figures

A lack of curves can be a curse, but is a blessing when it comes to blazers. It’s hard to look frumpy with dress pants and blazer unless the coat and pants fit you too big. A cropped blazer can help define your waist, especially if it has a fitted waist and the bottom of the jacket is slightly flared. When choosing a length, the best blazers are those that go down to your hips or end at the top of your dress pants.

Matching Color

The best blazer colors are those that are neutral, like black, gray, off-white, brown or navy, because they match several dress and casual pants. If you want to wear a more vibrant color, proceed with caution and try to match the blazer and pant materials the best you can. For example, don’t wear a red silk blazer with polyester, navy blue pants.

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