The Best Mascara That Doesn't Make Eyes Itch

Mascara causes pain and discomfort for many women, but not all is lost.

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We've all been there. We get dressed up for a night out, put on our entire face of makeup and only discover an hour later that our eyes are itchy, burning and red. It's not pleasant, but what you thought could be tiredness, irritation to pollen or an infection could be as simple as sensitive eyes or an allergy to mascara. Mascara is almost a necessary step in putting on your eye makeup and if you're one of the many women who feel like their makeup is incomplete without it, there are a couple of options that women with sensitive eyes can still wear.

Hypo-Allergenic Mascara

The most sure fire way to get rid of any dryness, itching and irritation is to choose a hypo-allergenic mascara. This mascara has undergone rigorous testing by dermatologists and was created specifically for women who can't wear normal mascaras without irritation. This will work for everyone who has severe allergies or even minor irritation and is produced by many drugstore brands. If you want to try a hypo-allergenic mascara, just read the package. All mascara of this kind is clearly labeled hypo-allergenic.

New Mascara

If you suddenly noticed that your eyes are red and burning out of nowhere, you might want to consider buying new makeup. The shelf life of a mascara is only three to four months after opening it -- six months maximum. If you've had it for longer than that, it's time to throw it out. Your eyes are a sensitive area and mascara can collect lots of bacteria after months of use, so it's important to keep it fresh. If you notice that your mascara is dryer than usual, smells different than when you bought it or you can't remember when you purchased it, it's better to be safe than sorry. Throw it out and get a new tube.

Organic Mascara

Regular drug-store brand mascara is loaded with chemicals that could irritate sensitive eyes. If you notice that your eyes are irritated an hour or two after application, this could be you. To go easy on your eyes, try an organic mascara. The fewer chemicals in a product, the less likely it is to irritate your eyes and after all. Organic mascara is labeled as such on the package and can be purchased at almost any drug store or supermarket. If you do have an allergy to mascara, organic mascara will still bother your eyes. There are plenty of organic mascara options, but "Lucky Magazine's" beauty department rated Tarte's Organic Mascara as one of the best brands currently on the market. The product stays on all day without flaking under your eyes, and anyone with sensitive eyes knows that less flaking means less irritation.

Avoid Dry and Itchy Eyes

Sometimes you just want to wear mascara, even if you're allergic and even if you don't have any hypo-allergenic mascara around. If this is the case, avoid mascara with silicon extensions and avoid layering mascara on. The more mascara you put on, the more of a chance you have of it flaking into your eye and causing discomfort. Try putting in some eye drops before application to protect your eyes for at least a little while and always, always wash mascara off before going to bed.

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