Makeup That Won't the Clog Pores

Not all makeup clogs your pores.

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Sure, makeup looks fab on, but how does constantly wearing makeup affect your skin. There's a reason beauty experts tell you to wash your makeup off before you go to bed. It can clog your pores, leading to skin that's more oily and that breaks out more often. If your skin is super susceptible to blemishes, you might want to find a makeup that doesn't clog pores.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation has a lot of redeeming qualities. So many, in fact, that it was voted the Best of Beauty 2009 by "Allure" magazine. This foundation is super lightweight and lasts all day. And, because it's oil free and so lightweight, it still allows your pores to breathe.

CoverGirl & Olay's Simply Ageless Serum Primer

Before you apply your makeup, try starting with a good primer. It helps your foundation to stick to your skin, making it last longer. CoverGirl & Olay's Simply Ageless Serum Primer is also oil-free, which is the key to its success. Better yet, it'll leave your skin feeling moisturized without weighing it down.

Dr. Brant Pores No More

Dr. Brant Pores No More comes highly recommended by the folks over at "Allure" magazine. Just like CoverGirl's primer, it's oil free. Not only that, it's also oil reducing, so if you have super-oily skin, use Dr. Brant's primer to keep your skin nice and clean. Plus, you'll see a huge difference in the appearance of your foundation, so if you have larger pores, use the product to also see a reduction in their appearance.

Don't Forget...

Just because you're wearing makeup that doesn't clog your pores doesn't mean that you still shouldn't wash your face every night. Odds are you'll be wearing other makeup on top of your foundation that isn't so pore friendly. Regardless, it's never good to keep any makeup on your face all the time, no matter how skin-friendly.

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