Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Appear Brighter, Wider and Bigger

Mascara helps to open up eyes for a dramatic look.

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Having a few makeup tricks in your arsenal is the best way to transform your look without spending a lot of money or opting for permanent procedures. Many women want to make their eyes appear brighter and bigger, but don't know how. Once you learn a few tips on how to do this, you can have that wide-awake, radiant look every day. It doesn't take a lot of time or know-how -- just some practice.

Curl Your Lashes

This quick, inexpensive method does so much to make your eyes appear bigger all by itself. Invest in an eyelash curler and use it before you apply mascara. It's not enough to simply crimp your lashes; use the right technique. Place the curler close to your upper lids, being careful not to pinch the skin. Close it gently and then move it to the middle of your lashes, and crimp again. Finally, bring it almost to the tip of your lashes and give one final squeeze.

Never Skip Mascara

Even if you don't wear any other makeup, never skip the mascara if you want your eyes to look bigger. After giving your lashes a good curl, apply mascara in the color of your choice. Take care when doing this so that it doesn't clump. Choose lengthening formulas that are designed to maximize your lashes. Place the mascara wand close to the base of your eyelid and sweep it to the tips of your lashes. Two to three coats should do the job. Follow up by combing through lashes with a lash comb if you need to get rid of any clumps.

Try a Little Shimmer

Put shimmer in the right spot and your eyes will appear dramatically brighter. Select a highlighting eye shadow that's lighter than the rest of your shadow, and place it right under the arch of your brow. If your eye shadow is taupe, a pale gold will highlight nicely. Wearing lavender shadow? Then highlight with silver. Don't go overboard with the highlight; a little dab will brighten things up nicely.

Go Light

Light colors advance, while dark colors recede. To make your eyes stand out and "pop," go for light eye shadows. Brown-eyed ladies should opt for gold, copper, bronze and peach. If your eyes are green or hazel, shadows in purple, coral or pink are your best bets. Blue-eyed women may want to go for silver, lavender or even a pale bronze to bring those peepers to the forefront.

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