Makeup Tips For Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes & Olive Skin

Olga Kurylenko shows off flawless makeup at the Land of Oblivion premiere.

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If your idea of a morning beauty routine is to slap on some makeup nilly-willy -- without giving a thought to flattering your hair, eyes and complexion -- you're seriously missing out on your full makeup potential. After all, you're a brunette bombshell with hazel eyes and olive skin! That's the kind of naturally luscious coloring that begs for softly sultry makeup with an earthy glow.

Rock the Right Shades

Decadent earth tones, warm metallics and tawny pinks play up your coloring beautifully. For a flirty flush that's totally believable against olive skin, choose blush in shades of dusty rose, velvety apricot or bright coral. Swipe on a sheer lip gloss in shades of creamy peach, honeyed nude or juicy fig for a lusher-looking pout, or pick up on the richness of your brunette hair with shimmering berry lipstick. Don't forget to turn up the drama on those stunning hazel eyes of yours. Any burnished metallic shadow – think toasted bronze or earthy copper – amplifies the warm golden tones in hazel eyes, making your peepers positively glow. Warm purple shades such as eggplant bring out the green in your gaze.

Go All Out

With its richness, depth and dimension, brown hair frames and defines your face, creating the perfect backdrop for bold makeup. Add that to your olive skin – which can pull off a wide range of hues from rich to bright – and you've got yourself one very cute canvas for more intense makeup looks. Whether you're going for a blood-red pout or a bronze smoky eye, don't be afraid of rich hues and luxurious textures. Jewel tones, metallics, dewy illuminating creams, they're all fair game. The one thing to be careful of is going too dark: Sure, it might seem like dusky hues would pair perfectly with your coloring, but flat browns and other deep colors actually tend to look muddy on olive skin.

Get a Glow

Sallowness is beauty bummer numero uno for ladies with olive skin. While the yellow tones in your complexion allow you to tan easily and wear warm colors, they can sometimes make your face look sallow – especially when your skin is tired or pale, or when you're wearing more severe colors such as black or pure white. To counteract sallow tones, apply a little extra blush and bronzer, dab a subtle highlighting product over your cheeks, and skip any gold, orange or yellow-based makeup shades. Olive-skinned mademoiselles are also prone to under-eye darkness. If you're battling particularly stubborn circles, try layering a pink-toned corrector stick beneath your usual concealer.

Year Round Beauty

Olive skin seems to tan at the mere mention of the word “sunshine,” and when it does it goes golden-bronze, not reddish or orange – you are a lucky girl! To keep up with your fast-tanning complexion, stock your makeup kit with at least two different shades of foundation – one lighter, one darker. You can switch the shades out as the seasons change and even blend them together for a perfectly customized color. If your skin starts to look a little sallow or dull in the winter months, bronzer makes for a fast fix. For the most natural sun-kissed look, choose a soft honey or amber-colored bronzer with just a touch of gold in it.

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