Makeup Lotion vs. Powders

Use a sponge to distribute your makeup.

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Before you attempt to run up to someone to help her blend her misapplied foundation makeup, first take a look at your own. Foundation helps serve as the canvas on which you apply the rest of your makeup, and the best kinds blend smoothly and evenly over your skin. With the variety of lotion and powder makeup available, it can be hard to choose the right type to make your face picture-perfect.

Lotion Makeup

Lotion or liquid makeup has the texture of a light hand cream and is simple to apply. Because of the high amount of moisture they contain, liquid foundations are best if you have dry skin. To compliment your beauty regimen and prevent pimples, look for foundation that’s oil-free. If you plan to wear liquid foundation every day, choose one that offers medium coverage because heavier lotions can look and feel unnatural, like you’re trying too hard to look nice. Using a lotion or liquid makeup can give you a fresh look throughout the day and gives your skin a soft glow. Some also contain sunscreen.

Powder Makeup

Power foundation comes compressed in a compact or loose in a jar. It's perfect for setting lotion foundation in place or to help even out your skin if you have a nice complexion (lucky you). Opt for powder foundation if you have oily skin or live in a humid area. Powder makeup is also ideal if you don’t have much time to get ready or if you need to reapply your makeup during the day. You can apply powder makeup over face lotions that have sunscreen so you can look good while protecting your skin from premature aging.

Choosing the Right Color

When you wear the wrong color foundation, it’s simple to become the brunt of stares. Prevent the shame by finding your color. Most yellow-toned foundations — lotion and power — look good on most women. The yellow hues help neutralize red and pink undertones in your skin. A blue- or pink-toned foundation can be good if you have dark skin.

Applying Lotion Makeup

Use a large, flat brush to place a dot of makeup on either side of your nose, along the ridge of your nose and on the middle of your chin. Lightly dot the foundation under your eyes if you don’t plan to use a concealer. Place three evenly spaced dots of lotion across your forehead and on either side of your jaw line. Grab a makeup sponge and distribute the foundation evenly in a downward motion from your cheeks to your neck. Use the sponge to blend the makeup from your cheeks in an upward motion, blending the lotion into your hairline (not your hair).

Applying Powder Makeup

Sweep a large, round makeup brush into powder foundation and tamp off the excess powder. Lightly sweep the brush across your cheeks, jaw line, nose, forehead and T-zone. Use the brush to help the makeup blend in with your skin so you don’t have loose powder on your face.

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