The Best Makeup to Help Hide Expression Lines

The right foundation shouldn't settle into fine lines.

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Your skin is a lot like a cotton shirt: If you bunch it together, over time, wrinkles will start to appear. Your facial expressions -- from happy to sad to the deepest laugh of your life -- can bunch and un-bunch your skin, eventually leading to wrinkles known as expression lines. These lines are most often the places where your skin moves when you smile -- from the corners of your eyes to those little parentheses-like lines around your mouth. Using the right makeup techniques, you can minimize the visibility of expression lines.

Apply a Primer

One of the best ways to get smoother skin is to apply a foundation primer before you start your makeup applications. Not only does the primer act like a “glue” that helps your makeup stay on longer, but it also helps to fill in fine lines, making them less noticeable. Now that you have a smoother surface to work on, adding your next layer of makeup can make for a wrinkle-less process.

Semi-Matte Finish

While matte finishes can make your skin look less shiny, you need a little glow when you have expression lines. The best foundation to hide expression lines is one that is lightweight and has a semi-matte finish. Also look for a foundation that is labeled “light-diffusing” or that contains optical illusers, which are particles that bounce light off your skin. When you have expression lines, the lines can cast shadows on your skin that make them more pronounced. By applying a light-diffusing shade, you are less likely to have shadows.

Soft Concealer

Concealers aren’t just for blemishes or scars. You can use them to cover expression lines as well. Concealer acts in a similar manner that a light-diffusing foundation can. The best concealers for expression lines are soft concealers, meaning they have a blendable consistency. Creamy concealers are best for your expression lines because they provide a soft finish over lines. While cakey concealers are good for covering skin discolorations, that’s not what you are trying to accomplish with covering expression lines.

Light-Diffusing Powder

A loose powder makes your makeup last and can minimize the appearance of fine lines if you choose a light-diffusing powder. These powders have luminizing particles in gold, silver or bronze to make your skin look smoother. Apply a light dusting under your eyes, on your forehead and on your smile lines to conceal any areas where expression lines might linger.

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