What Makeup Goes With Red Lips?

Natural eyes are the most foolproof pairing with red lipstick.

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Red lipstick is a sophisticated look for all women, but not all reds are suited for all women. Regardless of your skin tone, there's a shade of red for you, however. When you find it, you want to make sure the rest of your makeup is just as flattering to your face. It's easy to be overpowered by red and its accompanying cosmetics, but with a careful hand and a little perspective, you can look incredible.

Natural Eyes

Your lips are the focus of your look when you go red, so natural eyes are the most foolproof compliment. Pick taupes or other neutral browns to dust over your eyes. Start with the lightest shade at the inner corners of your eyes and feel free to contour the folds and edges of your eyes. Just avoid a heavy hand with your darker shades. A delicate swipe of mascara and you're good to go.

Fake Lashes

Since you're going bold with your lips already, you can try getting crazy with your lashes, too. Don't pile on the eye shadow with this approach. You'll look tacky and overdone in no time. A pale, neutral tan shadow is enough. Apply fake lashes with a drop of lash glue and coat them with mascara to blend them with your natural lashes. Feel free to experiment with a different shapes of fake lashes, too -- maybe ultra-long at the outer corners? You can handle it if the rest of your face is simple.

Peach Blush

Peach blush isn't always for everyone, but, in this instance, you can rock it, regardless of your skin tone. Warm-toned women should stick to a deeper peach color, while cool-skinned women let a hint -- but just a hint -- of pink into the mix. Blow on the brush before applying color. You can put on more if you need to, but too much looks clownish with red lips. Brush it on the apples of your cheeks for a cheerful face and under the cheekbones for more sultry contouring.

Metallic Eyes

Go easy on this one! It's a stunner, but only when you get it exactly right. Pick a few shadows with light metallic shimmer. Apply the colors close the lash lines. Don't make your brows or the folds of your lids shiny. A little color dusted along the upper lid and the brow bone is great to blend, but that's it. If you can pull off gold with your skin tone, go for it. A pale silver can work, too, but deep grays or bronzes are too strong and compete with your lips.

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