How to: Makeup to Cover Up Lines Under the Eyes

Add a touch of highlighter to your browbone to lift eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

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Just because the years are starting to show under your eyes doesn't mean you need to show the world your age. Wrinkles are a part of life but sometimes a girl wants to conceal those lines and look a little more fresh-faced. Luckily, makeup is your secret weapon for staying line-free and looking your best. With a handful of products and the right technique you'll be saying goodbye to under eye lines in no time.


Dab moisturizer gently onto the under eye area. Don't rub the cream into your skin as this can cause future wrinkles.


Take a drop of primer and press it onto the under eye area using the tip of your ring finger. Your ring finger tends to have the softest pad and applies the least pressure. Pat the primer gently over the entire area. Primer smooths skin and creates an even surface for makeup. It also prevents makeup from collecting in fine lines.


Dip the small brush into the concealer. Your concealer should be two shades lighter than your foundation or your natural skin tone. Under eye concealer should be a light liquid formula. Heavy creams will settle into wrinkles and make them more apparent.


Use the brush to lightly press concealer onto your under eye area. Blend out toward the edges.


Dip the foundation brush into your foundation. Glide the foundation across the eye area and blend out toward the edges. Continue blending until you've smoothed out any harsh makeup lines. Choose a liquid concealer versus a cream or powder as it provides full coverage and will not settle into the lines.


Swirl the powder brush in the translucent powder then tap off excess. Dust your under eyes lightly with powder. This will lock into the cream products to prevent them from smudging, bleeding or wearing off.

Things You'll Need


1.Eye moisturizer

3.Small makeup brush

5.Foundation brush

7.Powder brush


4.Liquid concealer

6.Liquid foundation

8.Translucent powder


Tips & Tricks


Wear sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30 each day to ward off wrinkles.


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