The Best Makeup Colors for Green Eyes, Olive Skin & Blonde Hair

Beatrice Borromeo plays up her coloring at the Monte Carlo Rock 'n Rose Ball.

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With your sunny-hued hair, warm olive skin and gorgeous green eyes, you've been blessed with some unique and striking coloring. The overall effect is naturally radiant, so stay away from cool, muted or neon shades that can put a damper of your glow. Amp up that can't-take-your-eyes-off-me coloring of yours with warm, tawny naturals, smoldering metallics or royal jewel shades.

Natural Shades

With your naturally warm coloring, you don't need much makeup to look radiant. Your skin is naturally tanned, and your blonde hair captures lots of light around your face.Turn up the volume on that gorgeous glow of yours with tawny, luminous natural shades. Sweep gold-laced peaches or cocoas over your lids to light up your green eyes. Dust a soft golden-toned bronzer along your cheekbones and across your forehead to brighten your entire face, and swirl warm pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Perfect your pucker with gloss in colors like caramel, mauve or pinkish-gold. Just steer clear of really dark or flat browns, which can look a little muddy on your coloring.

Dramatic Shades

Loud, in-your-face neon shades don't really mix with olive skin -- things can turn garish, fast. That doesn't mean you can't play with some makeup that pops -- just stick with the shades that work for you. If you're aiming for a bright, summery look, you can't go wrong with coral. Grab a bright coral stain and use your fingers to blend it into your cheeks and lips -- presto, instant beach babe. Or rock shiny coral lipstick with coral cream blush for a cute date night look. Ready to go red? Go ahead and vamp it up with a deep blood-red stain. The shade will flatter you better than a bright fire-engine red would.

Jewel-Tone Shades

Green eyes are pretty much guaranteed to steal the spotlight -- and they're especially bewitching against olive skin. For a smoldering evening look, try rich, deep jewel-toned shadows. For a seriously sultry stare, swap the ol' basic black smoky eye for shades of sapphire blue or royal plum. Line your lids, layer on the shadow and then blend, baby, blend. Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

Metallic Shades

Burnished bronze, glimmering gold, earthy copper -- any gold-based metallic shade is your beauty BFF. They'll highlight the sunny tones in your hair, make your skin glow and contrast beautifully against your green eyes. Look for berry or pink lip glosses with gold sparkles in them. Line your lashes with a bronze metallic eyeliner. Or go all out and gild your lids in gold or copper cosmetic glitter. For a sexy evening look, apply gold-toned shimmer powder to your cheekbones and decolletage.

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