What Makeup Color is Best if I Changed My Hair Color to Strawberry Blonde?

Strawberry blondes look smashing in a variety of shades.

Photo: Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

If you weren’t naturally graced with red hair and have recently joined the fiery persuasion, perfecting your makeup can be a challenge. Redheads naturally draw attention, and horrible makeup will have them staring in awe at your lack of skills rather than reveling in your robust beauty. Revamp your makeup techniques to complement your raging red locks.

Pale Perfection

Strawberry blonde beauties with super pale skin look best with minimal amounts of light makeup. Select a sheer foundation and dot in on lightly to even out skin tone. Seal it up with translucent powder to prevent "oompa loompa" orange skin. Look for light tan or champagne eye shadows, and use a little brown liner and mascara to define your eyes without distracting from your hair. The less makeup it looks like you have on, the more focus will be directed to your stunning strawberry tresses.

Peachy Keen

Pink and peach shades are smashing on strawberry redheads, especially those with tanner skin tones. The warmth of these shades brings out a natural glow, making your skin look fresh and youthful without adding unnatural redness. Sweep a peach shadow on the lid and a little opaque shimmer on the brow bone, and burnish the apple of your cheeks with warm pink blush.

Ocean Hues

Cool shades of green, blue and teal transform your overall look from plain to powerful. These hues bring out the fiery red streaks in your strawberry blonde hair and complement every skin tone, making them a redhead’s perfect partner. Stick to darker, richer shades, as pale versions of these colors can make the skin look pasty. For an extra bit of sex appeal, start with a deep emerald on the lid, adding a little navy blue along the crease. Blend together with your fingers and finish with two coats of mascara for a fun variation on the classic smoky eye.

Dark and Dangerous

Dark shades of plum, violet and charcoal bring out the sexy beast within. Purple highlights strawberry locks without paling against the skin, and works well with lighter pink shades if you want to get funky and combine colors. Try a light dusting of pink shadow over the lid, and brush a hint of dark plum along the lash line and into the crease. Add black mascara to the lashes, and pull the plum look together with dark rose blush and pale pink lip gloss.

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