The Best Makeup & Clothes Color for an Autumn

An autumn can have a fair complexion, olive-toned skin or deep, warm coloring.

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Stop the color confusion by shopping with seasonal color analysis. Personal color analysis gives you the clues to choose a color palette that brightens your face, brings out your eyes and lets you look smashing when purchasing makeup, buying clothes and planning your wardrobe. If you have a warm undertone to your skin, earth-toned eyes and hair with golden tones, you may be a soft, clear or warm autumn, and wearing the right rich fall tones will give you the confidence to take on anything that comes your way.

The Autumn Palette

The autumn palette will immediately remind you of fall leaves, bouquets of sunflowers and mums and the warmth of home and family. Your colors include a wide range of gold, green, brown and orange tones, as well as beige and off-white. Shades of plum, salmon, deep periwinkle, teal and turquoise offer bright accents for scarves and blouses, or you can go all the way with a bold and bright dress. While all autumns can wear the entire palette, you may find some of these colors bring out the best in your complexion, whether you're buying a new tube of lipstick or a winter coat. Knowing your colors makes shopping easy, and keeps you from spending on those closet orphans that never get worn.

Soft Autumn

If you feel like you disappear in bright or bold colors, you may be a soft autumn. You have light hair and eyes, ranging from light brown or hazel with brown skin and medium brown hair to gray-green eyes, ivory skin and blond hair. When you want color, try mint green, deep rose, dusty pink, terracotta, turquoise and shades of purple. Go neutral with khaki or a soft chocolate. Round out your wardrobe with some of summer's dusty pastels, like lavender or periwinkle. Get your blush on with soft dusty rose or a dusty pink, paired with brown and nude shades for your face. Emphasize your eyes for evening with a smoky eye in plum or bronze, but skip the siren-red lips.

Deep Autumn

If you're a deep autumn, you have dramatic, rich coloring, with dark hair and eyes. Your skin may be fair, medium, olive or quite dark. Think bold and bright when you choose the strongest colors in the autumn palette, like rich tomato red, jade green and deep terracotta. Unlike soft or warm autumns, you can borrow from winter's palette and wear every girl's basic black, whether as a chic little black dress or classic black eyeliner. Shades of gold, brown and terracotta create a stunning neutral face, or you can glam it up with deep orange-toned red lips for evening.

Warm Autumn

Warm autumns fall squarely in the middle of the palette, both in terms of coloring and the colors that give that fall glow. If you're a warm autumn, you look best in muted, but slightly bright, tones. Think dessert when you pick dark chocolate and cream for your neutral tones. Brighten your day with soft purples, marigold, pumpkin and terracotta. Bring out a deep golden or peaches-and-cream complexion with peach or terracotta blush, a neutral eye and nude or coral on your lips. If you dye your hair darker, you can amp up the fall color palette, integrating some deep autumn shades.

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