How to Make Waxing Last Longer

Waxing regularly can help make results last longer.

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Waxing hurts, no doubt about it. You'd like to think the pain is worth the price of smooth and sexy skin, right? But what you might not realize is that you can make your waxing last longer, so you don't have to withstand the pain again almost as soon as the wax dries. Nice!


Stop shaving for at least two weeks. The very thought may make you cringe, but stick to your resolve -- and wear pants. Your hair needs to be between 1/4 and 1/2 inch for effective, long-lasting waxing that pulls out the root of the hair.


Pull the skin of the to-be-waxed area taut as you apply and pull off the wax strips. A less than firm grip or puckered skin can mean you don't get the hair from the root. Translation: you'll need to wax again sooner than later.


Keep up the good work! Wax regularly to help each session last longer. When the new hair grows back after a waxing, it tends to be finer and less noticeable, so you can go longer between treatments.

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If waxing is new to you, consider having a professional pave the way for lasting results. You can watch your beauty specialist work her magic and try to copy her work at home next time.


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