How to Make a Twist Bandeau

Twist and tie a bandeau in back or in front between your breasts.

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A "bandeau" is just a simple strip of fabric used to cover up your breasts. But it can be a whole lot more than that with just a little effort. A bandeau can add a touch of sexiness and seduction to an otherwise mundane outfit. Twisting is a really easy technique that you can use to show off a new scarf or piece of exotic material. A twist bandeau may be the easiest piece of clothing you can make. And you don’t even need a sewing machine -- or any sewing skills, for that matter.


Measure your breasts with a cloth measuring tape. Wrap the measuring tape around your nipples to make sure you get the measurement at the widest point. You’ll get the most accurate measurement if your breasts are perky and pointing forward. If you’ve got a little sag going on, you may want to hold them up and let a good friend do the measuring for you.


Next, measure the depth you’ll need for full coverage. One of the biggest problems with bandeaus is what that folks at the Pattern School call “uniboob,” when one of your breasts pops out of the wrap. This often happens if the bandeau isn’t wide enough.


Lay the fabric flat on a table. Add at least 4 to 6 inches to the length to give yourself enough material to tie, and double the width of the material to give you room for twisting and complete cover-up capability.


Cut your fabric and sew hems on the sides and ends. If you’re not into sewing, wash the strip of cloth to get rid of stray strings. Another option is to use fabric that doesn’t require hemming, such as felt, suede or flannel.


Wrap your finished length of fabric around your breasts so that you can hold the ends out straight in front of you. Adjust the fabric until you are holding an even amount on each side. Cover your breasts and twist the fabric between them before tying. Tie the ends in a knot and make a bow with the excess, let the ends drape between your breasts or cut off the excess if it’s too long.


Hold the fabric out straight and twist it in the middle for another alternative to wearing the twist bandeau. Rest the twisted knot between your breasts and tie the ends snugly in the back. Adjust the fabric so that each breast is covered.

Things You'll Need


1.Measuring tape




Tips & Tricks


Use a scarf or pashmina to create a twist bandeau with no cutting or measuring. Leave long ends draped down your back or tuck the extra length along the sides if you intend to twist the scarf around the front.

Wear a bandeau under a jacket or open blouse for a new look. A twist bandeau also is a good alternative under a long T-shirt that otherwise would reveal your bra straps. The bandeau is a great alternative to a strapless bra, especially when you don’t want to cover up completely.

If you’re bigger than a "C" cup, you may want to reconsider wearing a twist bandeau. For one thing, the bandeau is likely to smoosh your boobs, taking some of the "awe" away from your awesome rack. And the bigger your breasts, the greater your risk for popping out of the bandeau.


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