How do I Make Synthetic Hair Less Shiny?

Wigs can be made of synthetic or real hair.

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False hair pieces provide an instant change of color and style that's just as instantly reversable. The majority of hairpieces, however, are made from synthetic materials that have a telltale, unnatural-looking shine, espeically when new. To make your fake hairpieces look more natural, use one of several home remedies to reduce or remove the shine.


Wash the wig several times. Use a wig shampoo and wash according to the manufacturer's instructions. Let the wig air dry between washings or blow dry with a dryer set to "cool" to avoid doing heat damage to the hairs of the wig. Wash three or more times to encourage the wig hairs to fall with more space between them to reduce the shine of hairs falling together.


Treat the wig with vinegar. Prepare a bath of one part white or cider vinegar, one part water, and soak the wig in this for 5 to 10 minutes. The acidity of the vinegar will roughen up the texture of the synthetic hairs, giving them a more opaque sheen. Dry with a blow dryer.


Powder the wig. While wearing the wig or propping it on a wig stand, apply translucent powder to the hair using your hands. Coat your hands generously in powder, rubbing them together to distribute it. Rub your hands over the wig and your fingers through the hair to coat. Repeat as necessary, then comb to distribute the powder evenly through the hair. Shake your head or shake the wig to shake away any excess powder.


Wear the wig frequently. If other methods don't work, or if you want to avoid washing the wig or coating it with other substances, simply wear it frequently and let the natural wear and tear of time and use cause the wig hairs to separate and lose their artificial sheen.

Things You'll Need


1.Wig shampoo

3.Cider or white vinegar

2.Wash basin

4.Translucent makeup powder


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