How to Make a Straight Line With Pencil Eyeliner

Achieving a perfectly straight eyeliner line can be quite simple.

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A simple eyeliner pencil might be the only tool you need to accentuate your eyes -- whether you’re looking to open them up, make them dramatic or achieve a simple girl-next-door look. But if you can’t keep your line sleek and straight, you’ll end up looking like a mess. Fortunately, making a straight line with pencil eyeliner is relatively simple -- just be prepared with a few cotton swabs to wipe away mistakes when necessary.


To prep your lids for the perfectly straight line you’re about to create, dab a small amount of concealer or dust a small amount of translucent powder onto your upper eyelids. Pat the area gently with the tip of your finger to blend the makeup into your skin -- your ring finger is the best finger to use, as it's more gentle on your delicate skin. Position your face about 6 inches from a mirror and tilt your chin up slightly -- in this position, you should be looking down your nose and into the mirror to see your entire eyelid. Roll the tip of the eyeliner pencil between your fingertips. This simple motion helps soften the tip, making it much easier to apply.

Drawing It On

Use your finger to gently pull your eyelid at an upward angle -- this should pull your skin taut and smooth out any wayward wrinkles. Begin the line at the inner corner of the eye -- or wherever you plan to start the line. Draw small connected dashes along the upper lash line. Make sure you keep the pencil as close to your eyelash roots as possible. There should be no bare skin peeking through between your lashes and your eyeliner -- this is a definite makeup mishap. Continue connecting your dashes to the outer corner of your eyes. Use a skinny angled brush to line the eyeliner line with eyeshadow powder in a matching color -- this helps soften the line and seal in the style for a perfectly straight line that lasts the whole day.

Lining Lower Lids

Lining your lower lids with a dark, thick line can actually weigh them down and make them look too heavy. To keep the look light and fresh, consider using a lighter color like peach, taupe or bronze. Again, use the tip of your ring finger to pull the skin taut. For the bottom lid, play around with a few different techniques to determine which one you like best. While some fashionistas prefer the connected dash technique, others prefer drawing a single straight line along the lid. Either way, keep the line quite thin.

Shaping Your Eyes

Although perfecting your straight line is necessary to achieve a lovely eyeliner look, knowing the right shape for your eyes is equally important. To make small eyes look larger, use a dark eyeliner on the upper lid and a light eyeliner in peach, nude or white on the bottom lid. Larger eyes, on the other hand, should be lined almost entirely with a dark pencil. Line the outer two-thirds of both the upper and bottom eyelids, with the line just a tad thicker near the outer corner. Almond-eyed ladies can wear just about any eyeliner look -- from a thin line decorating the upper lid to a thick smudged look rounding the outer corners. If your eyes are set quite close together, focus your eyeliner efforts on the outer corners of your eyes. But if your eyes sit wide on your face, lining the inner corners makes them appear closer together.

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