How to Make a Snowflake Design on Your Fingernails


Why stick with a plain, solid color on your nails when you could have fun with a unique, cool design? There are endless ways to make your nails look nicer, and you could even try out a snowflake design. Whether you want to try to match the winter weather or a trendy look to sport in the sunshine, creating a snowflake design is easy to achieve if you do it correctly.


Apply a clear base coat onto your nails. This is going to help ensure a smooth, even coat, and is a really important first step anytime you paint your nails. For the best look, wipe the excess polish off the brush onto the inside of the bottle, then apply a small glob of polish onto the center of your nail and spread it over to the sides. This helps you avoid any streaks or bare spots (see References 1).


Once the base coat is dry, apply a solid coat of color onto all your nails using the same technique. This is the base color that is going to show underneath the snowflake design.


Wait for the polish to dry completely, and then paint on a second coat to get an opaque finish.


With white nail polish, once your nails are totally dry--smeared snowflakes are never pretty--paint a small dot in the center of one nail.


Add five thin lines evenly around the dot, sort of like you're making a sun.


So you don't mess up those awesome lines you've got so far, carefully add a couple short stems onto each of the snowflake lines (see References 2).


To create the look of more snow, use some silver glitter nail polish to add random spots of color around the outside of the snowflake on your nail.


Repeat this on the rest of your nails. Wait for the polish to dry completely.


Finish your pretty look by applying a clear top coat over each of your nails to add shine and protect your nails to keep the polish from chipping.

Things You'll Need


1.Nail polish


Tips & Tricks


Use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to remove any nail polish marks on your fingers, to get the prettiest, most polished look.

Apply a few glitter stones onto your nails to make those snowflakes sparkle.

You can use a different color in place of the white if you want a funkier look. Choose two similar nail polish shades for a more subtle design, or contrasting hues for a bolder look.


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