How to Make Your Short Straight Hair Whispy

Wispy layers add a whole new dimension to short hair.

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There's no style more elegantly unfussy and effortlessly sleek than a wispy layered look. While someone with curly hair can't effectively pull this off—the wisps would get lost in the bounce of the curls—straight hair makes the perfect background for this stylish cut. If you have short hair, don't despair that it's too late to change up your look for a fresh one because wisps can even be added to barely there locks. The most fabulous thing about wispy cuts? It's hard to mess up because you can always just chop a little more.


Determine where you want your wispy layers to be. With very short hair, it's hard to add wispiness to the back since the hair is probably cut as much as you want to go, but with medium-short hair, you can choose any spot. Try face-framing wispy layers for a look that flatters any face or wisps in the back for a light look for full hair.


Section off your hair into a few layers: bottom, middle and top. Clip up the bottom layer so it's out of the way: you're not cutting length here, just adding in some wisps.


Clip the top section up, as well. You'll get to that one later.


Pull the middle section toward the front of your face by splitting it into right and left sections and pulling each side over your shoulder. If you're just doing face-framing layers, pull just the sections right around your face toward the front and clip back the rest of the middle section.


Take little sections at a time and cut across with your scissors. Rather than one straight blunt cut, cut across by using teeny-tiny chopping motions and cutting small parts of the section at a time. Move your scissors down slightly in between each chop.


Cut the section on an angle once you have cut across. Angle scissors downward, with the high end closer to your face and the low end farther away. Chop hair on an angle in small motions, rather than the whole section at once, like how you cut it across.


Repeat the two types of cuts (across and on an angle) with each section that you want to cut. Don't do the entire section of hair or you'll end up with a layered cut instead of a wispy one. Choose random pieces throughout your hair and leave the rest alone.


Pin back the middle section once you have finished and repeat with the top layer of hair.

Things You'll Need


1.Shearing scissors

3.Hair clips



Tips & Tricks


If your hair is too short to take off any length, consider adding wispy bangs instead.


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