How to Make a See Through Dress Not See Through

Actrees Katie Cassidy wore a slip dress with a see-through lace overlay to the

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We've all seen celebrities wear a surprisingly sheer garment on red carpets only to have flash bulbs expose everything underneath. Many of us have saved friends (or been saved ourselves) from walking out of the house in a too-sheer look. Sheer fashions, a hot trend, don't have to turn you into an exhibitionist. Instead, you can use creative layering and clever undergarments to achieve sheer style without revealing too much.


Wear a slip. If the dress you are wearing is slightly see-through or appears sheer in bright light, try wearing a full slip under the dress, giving the dress a solid background. Slips work best if these are a close color to your skin, but you could experiment with slips and slip dresses in bright colors that will show through on purpose.


Layer dresses and other clothing. If you own a sheer dress, you can wear it as an overlay to another dress. You can also put a skirt and top under the sheer dress for an interesting effect. Layer a jumper over a sheer dress, and let the edges of the dress peek beyond the jumper to give the effect that a crinoline is showing.


Wear skin-tone undergarments. Bright white or colored undergarments can show through a lot of clothing even if it isn't that sheer. Wearing skin-tone undergarments will solve that problem in many cases.


Add a permanent lining. If you have the sewing skill or a tailor, you can add lining to the dress. Like a slip, the lining gives the dress an opaque background. Plus, the lining can be made for the dress so it will offer the exact coverage you want.

Things You'll Need



3.Skin tone undergarments

2.Other clothing for layering

4.Material for lining


Tips & Tricks


Play with various looks when layering clothing, you may be surprised what kind of combinations you can come up with.

You can use a camisole and half slip if you don't have a full slip.

Silky vintage nightgowns can be used for layering or even used as slips.

If a flesh tone slip doesn't look good under your dress, try a slip that matches the dress such as pairing a black slip with a black lace dress.

Be careful not to add too much bulk when layering looks.


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