How to Make the Redness Go Away From Waxing Your Eyebrows

Eliminate the redness after eyebrow waxing with soothing products.

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You love the look of a perfectly arched brow, so you wax every few weeks to stay sleek and smooth. The pain and redness is another story; no boatload of laughs there. Redness after waxing your eyebrows is a given, after all, yanking hair out from the delicate skin around your eyes is serious business. Keep a few tricks up your sleeve to help the redness make only the shortest of appearances.


Dampen a clean washcloth with cold water, squeeze out the excess and voila! A cold compress to place on your brow. The icy temps both anesthetize and reduce inflammation, to help the redness get the heck outta there.


Moisturize around your eyes with a lotion that contains shea butter to reduce the redness. Work carefully to avoid irritating your eyes. Dab a few dots of lotion on your brow bone with a cotton swab and gently rub in. Make sure your hands are clean to avoid spreading bacteria to your newly exposed skin.


Smooth hydrocortisone cream or an over-the-counter antibacterial ointment around your newly waxed eyebrows. Countering swelling and inflammation is what this stuff does best; you'll also have the added benefit of preventing infection.


Keep your look low key for the rest of the day after getting your eyebrows waxed. In other words, nix the makeup. Layering chemicals onto your already sensitive, irritated skin can increase the redness.

Things You'll Need



3.Shea butter

2.Cotton swabs

4.Hydrocortisone cream


Tips & Tricks


Many waxing products contain post-waxing soothing oils in individual-use packets already in the box. Saves you time and money!


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