How to Make Platinum Highlights

Head to the salon or DIY it for a more affordable option.

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For a gorgeous, sun-kissed look, blonde highlights are definitely a hot bet. Thin strands of platinum blonde hair, weaving their way through the natural colors and highlights already on your head, are a stunning touch to kick off the beginning or end of the summer, or in the middle of the winter as a pick-me-up. To make your own platinum highlights, read the box carefully before beginning so you don't end up with a look you hate.


Comb your hair into the usual style that you wear it so the highlights will look the most natural. Make sure your hair is dry and clean.


Place the highlighting cap over your head and secure in place. Many highlighting kits, such as Revlon's Frost & Glow, come with a cap full of holes so you can pull the strands you want to dye through the cap and leave the rest protected.


Pull selected strands through the cap using the enclosed pick, your comb or your fingers.


Wrap a towel around your neck to protect your clothes and pull on enclosed gloves or a pair of rubber gloves.


Mix the dye as instructed on the box.


Apply the platinum dye generously to selected strands, using either your hands or the enclosed applicator. Rub in to make sure dye saturates your hair.


Cover your hair with enclosed plastic covering or plastic wrap.


Allow your hair to sit for 10 to 60 minutes, depending on your hair color and the desired shade. For dark hair, it will take longer to lighten, while light hair will lighten quicker.


Remove the plastic cover and rinse your hair. Leave the original cap on.


Take off the cap and shampoo your hair using the enclosed color-safe shampoo. Condition using the enclosed conditioner. If your kit does not include these, shampoo and condition using products specifically made for after-dyeing.

Things You'll Need


1.Highlighting hair kit in platinum




Tips & Tricks


You can test the color every 10 minutes by washing dye off one strand and seeing the color, then reapplying for a lighter shade.


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