How to Make Your Own Natural Leave-In Conditioner for Hair

Natural leave-in conditioner also works well at detangling knots in your hair.

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If your locks are looking a bit dry, a leave-in conditioner could be just what your hair stylist ordered. Coupled with your regular conditioner, leave-in conditioner provides extra moisture for thirsty hair. But girl, it isn't cheap, and you don't want to have to get a second job to afford your beauty regimen! Why not make your own leave-in conditioner for a fraction of the cost right at home? That's right; go for it girlfriend. Save money and get gorgeous locks with a homemade leave-in conditioner.


Pour ½ oz. of sweet almond oil into a clean, empty spray bottle. Add ½ tbsp. of vegetable glycerin. Put the lid on the bottle and give it a good shake.


Add ½ oz. of jojoba oil, then shake the bottle. Put seven drops of rosemary oil into the mix, then shake it up again.


Pour ½ cup of water into the spray bottle. Shake it up really well to thoroughly combine all the ingredients. Voila! Your homemade leave-in conditioner is ready to use. Just spray it on your wet hair and you're good to go. Shake up the bottle before each use.

Things You'll Need


1.Sweet almond oil

3.Vegetable glycerin

5.Rosemary oil

2.Clean, empty spray bottle

4.Jojoba oil


Tips & Tricks


Make another simple leave-in conditioner by mixing three parts water and one part of regular conditioner (whichever kind you normally use when washing your hair). Put it into an empty spray bottle and shake it up.


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