How to Make Mascara Smudge-Proof

Fatten up lashes with sexy and smudge-proof mascara application tips.

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When wowing the crowd is what you want to do, up the beauty ante with flirty lashes that are seriously sexy. Rather than overpowering your eyes with 20 coats of mascara or wearing falsies for the evening, follow expert, wink-worthy tips that are simple and smudge-proof. Even the eyelash-challenged can fatten up their lashes and look gorgeous -- without resurrecting Tammy Faye Bakker's signature, over-the-top makeup look.


Let skin cream absorb completely before applying makeup. While moisturizer creates a smooth canvas for your foundation and eye shadow, apply it and any eye cream one-half hour before coating lashes with mascara.


Dress your eyes. Apply eye shadow and eyeliner before coating your strands with mascara.


Curl lashes to open up the eye area. Begin at the base of the lashes. Squeeze the curler several times, as you gradually move up from the roots to the tips.


Build a smudge-proof base with a mascara primer. One swipe of this product helps hold the mascara's pigment without adding bulk to your lashes.


Before applying mascara, dab the wand on a paper towel to remove any excess, advise the beauty experts at the Makeup and Beauty Blog.


Swipe on waterproof mascara or a lash-boosting formula with a high-polymer content. "Fitness" magazine reports that polymers help mascara adhere to lashes.


Place the wand at the base off your lashes. Wiggle the wand from side to side, as you move up toward the tip of each eyelash. Don't pump the wand back into the bottle; use what's left to coat your bottom lashes.

Things You'll Need



3.Eye shadow

5.Eyelash curler

7.Waterproof mascara

9.Lash comb

2.Eye cream


6.Eyelash primer

8.Paper towel

10.Waterproof makeup remover


Tips & Tricks


After you've applied your last coat of mascara, run a lash comb through your mascara to prevent clumping and separate lashes.

To keep from ripping out your natural lashes, use a waterproof makeup remover to clean your lashes before bedtime.

Smudging of your lashes may occur when the residual oils from other products make contact with your lashes.


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