How to Make Your Jeans Fit Better Fast

Having some problems pulling that denim over your derriere? Get them to fit fast with a little trick.

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Whether you've gained a little or lost a little, your favorite pair of jeans now doesn't fit your curves as well as they once did. If you dread getting a new pair and want to wear your old standbys instead, try a few tricks to either making your jeans fit snugger or fit looser. Your old jeans can still give you the look and feel that they did before -- just with a few fast adjustments.

Shrink Your Jeans


Wash your jeans in hot water in the washing machine. The hotter the better! Wash them inside out so that the hot water fades the denim color as little as possible. Washing them several times on the highest heat setting will help you achieve more of that natural cotton shrinkage. The smaller your waist is, the more you'll want to wash your jeans so that they will fit.


Dry your jeans in the clothes dryer on high. Continue to dry them for at least one-half hour even after the jeans are thoroughly dried to help make them smaller overall to fit your svelte new figure.


Try your jeans on for size. The combination of the high heat setting of the water in the washing machine with the high heat on the clothes dryer should get your jeans hugging those curves tighter in no time.

Stretch Your Jeans


Put an elastic band halfway through the buttonhole on your jeans. You can also use a rubber band or hair band for this quick trick.


Put one end of the elastic through the other end's loop hole and pool tight, creating a knot.


Loop the end of the rubber band's loop over your jean's button to create an expandable waistband. The more "wiggle" room you need, the larger the rubber band you should use.


Go several wears without washing your jeans. This will stretch them out after each wear. Also avoid drying your jeans after washing them. The end result will be your same favorite denim that now fits your more voluptuous figure.

Things You'll Need


1.Washing machine

3.Elastic band



Tips & Tricks


A belt is helpful in cinching in a too-large waistband on jeans.


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